April 18, 2011

responsibility to respond. take action.

Not just a trend. It's American.

Every week we care for our homes. But how often do we care for the earth? While it's simple, and at times,  more cost efficient, we continue to consume and waste sinful amounts of material. I believe it's my duty as a Christian and inhabiter of this land to preserve and protect it.  This week I will be posting ideas to conserve in various areas of life. 
    "Going Green" has become a trend- I despise trends. Don't make it a trend, make it a lifestyle.     

Recycle. Reuse. Reduce.  
People Tree, based in the UK is a great option for environmentally conscious clothing.  They support Fairtrade, organic cotton and natural dyes. Artisans worldwide design for People Tree, making each purchase an impact and contributing to the cause. They offer great styles and are very affordable. And the lovely Emma Watson is a faithful supporter.  
photos from people tree

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