May 4, 2011

Good-bye's are so hard

It's almost time to bid farewell. Farewell to a city that loved me as much as I love it.  I am leaving my home for the past 3 years to discover new lands of promise and adventure. But this city left an impression on my heart that's changed me.

With only three short weeks, I've been cherishing every moment. All the memories, the experiences. My favorite spots. Discovering the city for the first time. So hard to leave something you love. Painful to imagine separating from a place so formative in my adulthood. Oh, New Orleans, you will never be gone from me. You will not be easily forgotten.
 The street musicians that gather at nearly every corner; rue de la course coffee house; canal street; downtown New Orleans; beautiful Oak trees; my escort; David Bowie cover band show; Saints Superbowl parade.


  1. What a moving post! reminded me of holidays past! really inspirational and lovely!

    Love C x

  2. new orleans looks fantastic! i have always wanted to go there, but have never managed it - it is just a little too far away for me at the moment.

    where are you moving too? i really wish you good luck for your next big adventure, you never know what is in store next!

    -fb X

  3. new oreans seems to be a very beautiful place! I have never been there, but the pics you show here make me curious! love the pic of the Oak trees, the coffee and the street musicians!

  4. Beautiful place and beautiful pics! :D

    I'm following you now dear and it would be great if you could follow back so we can stay in touch!

    Thanks, xoxo



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