June 13, 2011

Win a fabulous Jackie Brazil Bracelet.
As worn by Beyonce!
Jackie Brazil resin and flintstone jewellery is the chic South American brand that everyone is wearing.
It’s colourful, vibrant and is designed to give the energy of the Rio De Janiero carnival!
Now you can own a Jackie Brazil bracelet courtesy of Deelite.co.uk.
Deelite is the fashionable, young, online jewellery store with all the hottest brands, such as Urbancode, Helen Rochfort and Steven Harkin.


Simply finish the sentence below by Posting your comment where it says ‘Speak Your Mind’ at the bottom of this page. Then hit ‘Post Comment’.
It’s that easy.
Here’s your sentence: “I would like to win a Jackie Brazil bracelet because…….
Deelite.co.uk will choose a winning answer on June 30th 2011.

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