September 23, 2011

biking gone wrong (& wet)

It's no secret. i LOVE to bike. There are many reasons to love biking: it's fun, saves money, exercise (& i jump at the chance to sneak in exercise), reduces my already small carbon footprint, timesaver (especially in DC traffic) and did I mention it's fun? Really, when weaving through traffic, I sometimes feel like I'm playing a video game; or suddenly I understand how Frogger feels.          
Well, this ride turned out wet.

With rent due that day, I decided to bike the 4-5 miles across the city and pay directly. It's the best way to see and learn the area. The forecast was predicting rain, but I like being daring. So, I challenged the rain to ruin my ride.

As I rode through Chinatown and Capitol Hill, a few drops bullied me. I dropped the rent and headed home. Or course, the rain started and was wretched! Traffic was flying by spraying me with even more water. The wind whipped at my skirt threatening to flash everyone. I am not intimidated. Ahhh! My pannier bag (which has my laptop) falls of the rack! I hold my breath, toss my bike aside,  and dash to save it from being crushed by traffic.

Still 3.5 miles left. The rain subsides as I pass through Adams Morgan. My legs are burning as a push the last mile uphill to my condo. Finally, home.
It's truly not as bad as it sounds. Wait, it was. Initially, I thought riding in the rain would be a thrill. Fleeting thought.

I cleaned myself up a little. Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. Victoria, I am loving your blog! (And reading every update.)

  2. thank you, Meghan! I love getting feedback!

  3. I love how your lips match your neckwear. Oh so chic ;)


  4. Oooo - I love the all gray ensemble with the bright red beaded necklace - so simple and beautiful!

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  5. OMG! This blog post was so cleaver! I really love how you play with words to bring in the readers! BTW: Hope your laptop wasn't too damaged!

  6. thanks for all the sweet words, ladies! I appreciate hearing from my readers.

  7. really really kool stuff, im impressed with your wording, love you, Dad


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