November 2, 2011

real personal with GlamSoup

I was honored that Jeritta from GlamSoup wanted to feature Curious Chase for their Style Spotlight segment. I have never been interviewed before and was a tad nervous. The atmosphere was casual. Although, I felt like the paparazzi was on my tail with a camera capturing my every move! We met at the National Portrait Gallery and mixed fashion and art. How Perfect!

Watch the video and listen to my thoughts on fashion, self expression, and vision for Curious Chase. Love this frozen camera shot!

Currently, monochromatism  has taken over. 
Wearing the same color with slightly different hues and textures.

Photos by Glamsoup

Special thanks to GlamSoup for featuring me!


  1. Love your jacket! I love the opening shots of the video :)

    La Petite Marmoset

  2. I love the cut of your pants. And your jacket/blazer is amazing!


  3. Love the jacket!

    xo Ashleigh

  4. Congrats on the great feature. Learned something new about you!

  5. where did you get those incred pants?! love.

  6. You have just gained a new follower. I absolutely love the long sleeve top and pants you are wearing. The scarf just adds the extra pop needed.


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