December 10, 2011

Two Parties, One Night on a bike

Sometimes, I battle with riding my bike everywhere. So this evening I convinced myself to bike with the compromise of bussing home. These promises are persuading, but the outcome is usually something quite different. It's an internal struggle the entire ride home. I accuse myself of being a sissy for considering the bus. Truthfully, biking to fashion events creates this tough persona. I actually feel cooler. It's my best attempt toward it, anyway.

The temperature was in the 30's and I wasn't thrilled about biking, but the other options were complicated. The bus is unreliable and the routes confuse me. Each metro stop is an inconvenient mile distance. The last option would be driving, but parking and traffic were a major deterrent. I tucked my palazzo pants into my leg warmers, slid into my TOMS, brought my heels, and bundled up and embraced the cold.

Hope that was a laugh. There were some questioning looks from the passers-by.

The schedule for the night was Fly Girl Blog's 5th birthday party at Anthropologie. Also, La Petite Marmoset Holiday Lookbook celebration. Neither one could be missed. It was questionable if I would make it when I was sandwiched between a party bus and a car right before arriving to Anthropologie! I brushed death's door. It's incomprehensible that I wasn't harmed. I envisioned these vehicles smashing my body. Seriously. During this incident, I was angry I might miss such an exciting night due to some idiot's negligence! Unharmed and impatient, I arrived fashionably late. Right on schedule.

What a sweet, fly hostess! Thanks, Andrea.

Colorer blocking at it's finest! Hot Italian booties.

Brie's fur scarf is the perfect accessory for the winter. I loved this chic, simple style.

Dana is the master at pattern mixing! And they are all her own creations. I can only dream of styling my hair  like that. See more of Dana here.

 I respect any lady who rocks green lips!

Caught in action wearing a bold Indian print poncho.

Always layered in the most unique vintage, I admired her camera bag and mink fur.

Event No. 2 at Violet Boutique with La Petite Marmoset.

photo courtesy of Be Loud Be You
Katherine, the designer behind LPM is beaming and beautiful. The collaboration with The President Wears Prada, Spicy Candy DC and A Lacey Perspective did not disappoint. Check out the Lookbook.

Created by Denisio herself, a  killer gem skirt which reminded me of an upgraded version of bedazzle.

La Petite Marmoset's pieces are available at Violet Boutique and online.

Quite the transformation from the first picture. I adjusted my outfit outside before joining the party. More curious stares. All for fashion.


  1. Haha I LOVE It!! You seriously braved the elements I would be terrified to ride my bike amongst all the crazy D.C. drivers. I'm glad that last picture worked to help showcase your pants :)

  2. You definitely added some cool points with me. Who doesn't want to ride their bike to an event? I mean, granted, it was bit on the nippy side. But still. Glad you avoided an accident!

    I really liked your shoes! So different yet stylish. Great seeing you at the event.

  3. thanks, ladies. It was great seeing both of you! I can't wait to see your lovely faces soon

  4. Great meeting you, and what a perfect post title lol. Super brave for riding your bike in DC in the streets, couldnt be me haha

  5. Hi! I am a little delayed in sending this, but it was great meeting you at Violet Boutique.

    See you soon!



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