January 20, 2012

Friday Feature: Sorelle in Style

Sorelle in Style is about two fashion-loving sisters showcasing their style, sharing recipes and admiring each other. Having two sisters of my own,  I detected that special sister connection immediately and became a follower. Also, a tad jealous I don't share some fun project with them!

Introducing Jilly and Sally of Sorelle in Style:
One of our favorite trends this season was the winterized maxi dress! An effortlessly cool way to sneak in a bit of your summer wardrobe during the frigid months. As Spring approaches, however, it's about time we all reveal the maxi dress within, so step-by-step let's ditch those winter layers!

Now that Jilly's left with a fresh Spring palette, it's Sally's turn to help accessorize! Take a peek at Sally's picks below to seriously max(i) out your Spring look!

How long have you been blogging? And what is your objective? 
We have been blogging since March 2011. Since we were little, we've always loved playing dress up. Our love of fashion has inspired so many of our friends and we're hoping to inspire countless others in the blog world, too!

How does being sisters influence your blog?
Even though we're sisters, our styles are very different, so it spices up the blog a little. We often buy the same pieces (like bright skinny jeans, for example), but end up wearing them in completely different ways!

If you had five grand you would buy....
Jilly: A classic Chanel tweed jacket. 
Sally: A Cartier LOVE bracelet.

Favorite place to shop?
Jilly: Forever 21 or H&M - they always have the greatest things, and you don't feel bad if you only wear what you buy once or twice.
Sally: Sephora or Ralph Lauren

What or who is your inspiration/influence?
Our Mommy and Grandma are endless sources of inspiration - in terms of style AND life in general!

What is your favorite era?
The 70s - nothing beats the music!

Describe your perfect day.
Jilly: Lying on the beach from sunrise to sunset with my family and lovey <3 
Sally: I'd definitely start with a yummy breakfast, then go to the gym, shower, and get my hair done, maybe a pedicure, then go shopping with my Momma, go home, and read.

Music you are listening to lately?
Jilly: Jay-Z, Maroon 5, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, the Beatles.
Sally: Jay-Z and Kanye, Benny Benassi, Swedish House Mafia.

Name some games/activities you played as a child that you wish you did now.
Definitely more arts and crafts! We were constantly drawing and creating when we were little. And more naps - everyone needs a good nap.

3 essentials you don't leave your house without.
Jilly: My sunglasses, my camera, and my cellphone
Sally: My cellphone, a good bag, and some lipgloss

Thanks Jilly and Sally for sharing your style, thoughts and inspirations. You two are so sweet! Make sure to visit their blog Sorelle in Style to see more of their lovely faces. 


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