January 13, 2012

What's Your Patagonia?

I recently watched the documentary 180° South, which records a journey to Patagonia in South America. The adventurous attitude in the film is infectious and inspiring. They are dreamers pursuing their greatest passion in life and while watching it I'm reminded of my own.

The film documents two separate trips that connect over the span of 40 years. The beauty in the film was breathtaking: mountains, waterfalls, and desolate lands that few humans have traversed. When the first trip was taken in 1968, Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins explored untouched mountains and unsurfed coasts. Can you imagine setting foot on virgin lands? The peace and beauty of nature would consume your soul. 

It seems modern life distractions are inescapable. Most of the time life controls us instead of the reverse. We are at it's mercy. No longer is it a conscious decision to live as a middle class working woman or man, but routine. Always waiting for the weekend or anticipating the next event or trip, but why? When will everyone realize that daily life is our adventure? If you're constantly awaiting the next brilliant experience, you've just sacrificed your current one. Personally, I'm continuously buying or wanting better clothes, better cameras, to visit better places, eat better food, look better, exercise more, etc. It's the BETTER and MORE game. And it's a little exhausting. And boring. Sometimes, I'm overcome with these terrible thoughts of letting my dreams fall. But dreams are what really keep us alive. Dreaming and adventures inspire us to pursue our passions in life. So the dreams and passions those young men pursued became reality. Obviously, it's uncommon that any one of us will leave our job and trek 5,000 miles down to South America in a hippie van with our surf boards and hiking gear in tow to explore the Patagonia, but shouldn't we? Watching that film reminded me of my passions. It reminded me of those things that move my soul, that stir me inside. It's pure joy that embodies me. Maybe for you it's art or music, fashion or photography, animals or nature: the point is we should be living our dreams. Dreaming isn't simply for kids. It begins there, but should be never ending. So sail away from your safe harbor and LIVE.

 Find Patagonia again. 

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  1. Dreaming is for us all and one should NEVER give up on that ;) Thanks for sharing!



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