February 2, 2012

Working Girl

(courtesy of Gwynne Davis)

It's been all work and no play. Staring at this picture has me wishing for some sunny days I can actually enjoy. This week has been unusually warm (60 degrees warm) and I've been inside! It's torture. Truly painful. Also, very painful are my skinned knees. An epic fall, which resulted in skinned knees, tattered clothes and a shattered, but still functioning iphone occurred a few days ago.

 Here's the scene: the bus was scheduled to arrive in 3 minutes and I took off jogging, phone in hand. Less than a block away and skuuurtt! A solid plummet on the concrete. Pants AND shoes ripped. Knees bruised and bleeding. Skinned palms. My phone sacrificed itself for my hand, although, I think that hurt more. With that said, this week I've been slightly handicapped and sleep deprived. Must heal quickly! Loose fitting pants are not my best look. 


  1. UGHHH that SUCKS!! I'm sorry to hear that :( The good news is that you look very old Hollywood in your picture! Can't wait til we move in so I can have you over!!

  2. I don't know what's worse the physical pain for falling or the pain of destroying your cloths or the scabs that come later or the scars that I hope you don't get. I was just looking at these pictures I am finally catching up on old blog posts! Miss seeing your pretty face hang in there spring is right around the corner!

  3. This dress is so beautiful <3 I love the color!




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