February 14, 2013

Thrifting Adventures Lately

I go through phases with thrift stores. Months will go by with barely a thought of thrifting -- it's like I forget they exist. Whatever the reason, I eventually decide to go and am quickly reminded why I love it so much. It's like a treasure hunt. It never gets old to me. It's this ongoing, thrilling infatuation.  And buyer's remorse is never a problem. Over the years, I've struggled to draw the line between those incredible, one-of-a-kind finds, and those others that trick you into believing they're great after 45 fruitless minutes of searching.  I've been fooled so many times because I'm stoked to find something that's semi-wearable.  I know it seems like two extremes, but the lines get blurry when you're in thrift-store shopping mode. I get anxious. 

Lately, I've been stopping in a few different spots, scanning the place and walking out with some sick pieces.   Giving myself a time limit has proved to be very successful. 

Regardless of the store, I always browse the bags.  It's a weakness. Or maybe a strength considering I scored this Dooney and Bourke bag for $7! It's totally legit and in impeccable condition. A little secret in thrifting: shop the suburban thrifts. They are so unaware of their products, which should be fully exploited. I left the Goodwill feeling elated and energized. It's a total rush.  The same feeling I have after a great workout. Strange, I know. 
This is such a classic gone trendy.  The point is it's timeless Coach circa 1970's. My mission was to find some birthday presents.  A recent goal of mine is to minimize purchasing brand new items and buying used whenever possible. It gets tricky with presents, and though it is more work,it is far more gratifying. I snagged not just one, but two of these bags, slightly different, but equally beautiful.  The leather on these bags is buttery, soft and flawless. Coincidentally, I hate modern Coach, but love vintage Coach.  It was PERFECT. I stayed true to my goal and had better luck than imagined.  

The price is so low, I can't tell you(mostly because it's a gift). Let's just say it was cheaper than your daily coffee habit, but only if you're drinking specialty coffee.

These boots are Joan and David and retail for around 200-300 bucks! Now, it's not about the brand or the retail value, but the discovery! -- it feels like you're stealing. I had been searching for simple, black boots and BAM -- I found them for $10!

Patience is key in thrifting. It may take some time, but it is so worth it.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about the spurts of thrifting all the time & then taking a break. I love when taking your time & being patient pays off with great finds like the items above :)

  2. Great Finds! Hope we can go thrifting together soon!


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