September 15, 2011

change clothes and go...

As fall is creeping in, I felt these pictures were appropriate for a last good-bye to summer. I had nearly forgotten about these photos, which were taken in New Orleans. Oh, how I still miss that great city. This style reflects the place perfectly-casual, light, and fun! The top was passed down from the Madre. The embroidery is delicate and so feminine. The silk shorts I snagged at a swap party.  A free outfit minus accessories! Well, the sunglasses I acquired from another's loss. I've certainly lost enough pairs that other's have gained. Full circle there, people. 

The beaming smile in the last photo expresses my enthusiasm for fall. Farewell, summer! I am ready to change seasons and change clothes.

back pack-urban outfitters; sandals-carlos; accessories-thrifted or vintage;
 watch- timex


  1. I was born and raised in NOLA and miss it everyday! (left after the hurricane) and I got chills when I saw your photos! I love them and know exactly where those were taken! saw your site on IFB! looking forward to following your blog

  2. New Orleans is such a special place. I miss it so much! I am so happy you found my blog! I am going to check yours out. Follow me on bloglovin or google!

  3. This is an adorable outfit! Love the shorts! I've really been wanting to organize a swap party.


  4. Those shorts look fun and comfy, and I really want your backpack. >:o

  5. Thanks Gabby! The back pack is so practical! love it.

  6. Your hair is pretty! Also looove the backpack. Great pictures :)
    X, Lucy
    Lovely By Lucy

  7. where was this gazebo type thing in the last of the photos? Thats a great place to snap pics...

  8. that was in New Orleans. It was taken at City Park. Actually, The Curious Case for Benjamin Button has some scenes there. Beautiful place


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