September 7, 2011

fresh and tasty.

Lately, I have been playing chef. Cooking and experimenting with different ingredients and unusual combinations. It has been a great creative outlet- and enjoyable! Shopping at the various farmer's market  around the city ensures the freshest produce and makes completely satisfying meal. The pictures above give you a peek into my kitchen. 

Tri-color tomato and apple salad also has onion, shredded carrot, feta, olive oil, parsley and S&P served with sauteed figs and black beans.

Lettuce wraps filled with Turbot fish, black beans, avocado, feta, salsa topped with fresh peaches. 

The lettuce wraps were my favorite so far. Every bite was as good as the first one. Who wants to eat out when you can eat this?!


  1. looks yummy :)

  2. Thanks! I checked out your blog and will be following! follow me if you like!


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