September 10, 2011

Make Something

The rain has finally stopped after 5 days! Being inside for a day or two was nice, but after day four I was suffering from cabin fever. The gloomy skies sucked the motivation from me like a kid with a milkshake. I accomplished very little, but the last night of rain I summoned my creativity and made some overdue cards.

i LOVE card-making. It's very nostalgic and fun. I use scraps of paper, ribbon, newspaper clippings, fabric, buttons, whatever inspires me.  Personalizing the card to each recipient and finishing it with a thoughtful note! Paying $5 for a card I could easily make is absurd. Hope this pushes you toward something creative!


  1. thanks! make sure you follow me and check out the latest

  2. Thanks for reminding me that I have one whole drawer full of scrapbook paper and other things that I can use to make cards. I have a lot of friends with birthday from September to December. Love the Barbie card it's so cute and funny. Ken's face is hilarious. :3

  3. Be resourceful. Pass it on and inspire others! Thanks for looking at my blog. Follow me and check back often


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