October 5, 2011

daily living

Why, hello sunshine! This bright, yellow jacket seemed appropriate for today. The shoes are a recent purchase, which I'm completely smitten. Great sale at Urban Outfitters for $40. Thrilling! 

What is your opinion on shorts in the fall/winter? 

More great posts coming this week. I promise to debut my thrift store goodies. Also, last night I attended my first DC bloggers event. I can't wait to share the pictures!

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  1. Forget those dated fashion rules! Shorts can be a key piece year round ;)


  2. Shorts are an acceptable "short skirt", the just help you not to expose yourself when getting in and out of cars! They are fab all year round as long as it's not freezing ;-)

  3. I am becoming more accepting of shorts during colder months. For a while, I just couldn't do it.


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