October 6, 2011

bloggers everywhere at Nectar Skin Bar!

Nectar Skin Bar conjures up excitement within after a preview of the salon at my first Capitol Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers (CapFABB) event. The ultra chic and feminine salon was buzzing with local fashionistas relishing the mini manicures, Voli vodka, photo shoots (endlessly snapping shots of everyone's awesome outfits), fashion jargon and the oh, so perfect evening. 
Katherine from Le Petite Marmoset
Karlis and Katya from SpicyCandyDC

Aly and Lacey click here and here
Katy from Today I Want
I could not resist a complimentary mini manicure by the lovely Monica. She did an excellent job. She claimed it wasn't full service, but these untrained eyes couldn't tell.  

I heard about PRTTY Peaushun from Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, directly from her, if you were wondering. We received a sampling the size of my pinky nail! It is supposed to be amazing-magically firming! We shall see.
photo courtesy of The Seventh District

I loved meeting all you wonderful ladies. I left feeling so inspired and giddy inside!

xoxo V


  1. Hey, I love your outfit here..... btw, thanks for following, I'll following u back~


  2. i love those kind of events! i'm a big scarf lover and yours is beautiful.

    glad you've joined my blog! i'm following back.


  3. This looks like so much fun... I have been seeing this all over the blogosphere... I love what you DC ladies are doing down there! xo

  4. Yeah, it's awesome meeting other local bloggers! and thank you!

  5. This looks like so much fun! I love your outfit for the event.



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