October 10, 2011

Opening Anthropologie

Participating in the opening of Washington DC's newest Anthropoligie was a blast. I've always appreciated the craftsmanship, art, detail and effort the store expresses to the customer. Until this past week, I never knew the extent of thoroughness and attention behind all the creativity. 

Among many other things, each tassel, gourd, yarn, copper pipe, hanger cover, and silverware holder were handmade and crafted in the store. It was impressive and commendable to observe, learn, and create what was required instead of mass production, making each store unique. 

And, yes, I admired and drooled over the clothes and house ware as well. I have to state that using my hands and producing something was extremely gratifying!

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  1. Anthro/Urban is a beautiful company.
    If your ever in Philly, you should check out Home Office and the Terrain.

  2. ooo art & fashion - one of my fav combinations!!


  3. I LOVE anthropologie - take it for granted that they are everywhere in NYC! This looks like fun.

  4. Tamara, I definitely will. and hopefully check out you if I go, too! Glad you all like the posts!


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