October 27, 2011

Discover Artaya

If you've been following my blog recently, I'm sure you've noticed the designs of Artaya. A resident of Washington DC, Dana Greaves found her inspiration through a crush  on the Crimson Rosella {a Guatemalan bird.Yes, that's right. She describes this collection as a "foreign love affair which focuses on Guatemala and influences the shapes in her skirts and pants." It's also contributed to her use of sheer fabrics mixed with patterns.

Very strong connection with this piece. 
Dana has a strong focus on her jewelry.  Most of her pieces are constructed of lacquered, crumpled magazine pages in the form of bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings. The finished product doesn't appear a magazine page at all. It almost resembles a stone or rock. It fooled me initially and was pleased to discover the material.

Dana Ayanna Greaves with her own creation- Mag Bag Tote. {as in magazine bag}
The Ready Set DC Fashion District fashion show- Mist Dress.

It's quite apparent Ms. Greaves has a talent for mixing patterns and textures. Each of her pieces screams "wear me". 

Another reason to buy Artaya is for their versatility. She recently had a fashion show demonstrating various styles for each piece. The transformation was fluid and simple. It just seemed very natural. 
This reconstructed jacket is my absolute favorite piece. Especially after putting it on, perfect fit! It was months of work and a true masterpiece! The style is a cross between motorcycle/military jacket. It has embellished epaulettes, side exposed zipper, and beautifully layered tweed and leather pieces across the front. This is a statement piece.  

[That poodle is kind of creepy]

And these lovely gray, rayon harem pants are Artaya too. Sweet Dana so generously bestowed these on me. I am still giddy about them. I love the drop crotch and how they just seem to hang. 

You can purchase Artaya here. Be sure to check out her collection and show support.


  1. Her work is amazing! And yes, that jacket is everything! Love it.

  2. wOw, i'm in love with her work! Especiallt the black and bandeau top. Gorge!

    I love your blog by the way!I'm definitely following.



  3. love that jacket, I need that in my life!!


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