November 7, 2011

One Day, Two Ways


Familiar? By day, I wore it casual. Later that night {here} I dressed it up. This was one of my vintage finds from earlier this fall. It's perfectly 80's, with shoulder pads to prove it. The double breasted blazer..sigh. Such a great, classic tailored fit. 

I realized the contrast between the two looks was great: one comment said Prince and another said horseback riding! I received both as compliments. 

My reflection slightly resembles a 14 year old boy circa Revolutionary War. Brilliant! Seriously.

I urge you to create a unique spin to your blazer. Wear one instead of a sweater. Try pairing it with sneakers (not running shoes) and a tee. Style should not be limited. Snicker to yourself as others confine themselves to wearing sequins strictly on New Years or white between Memorial and Labor Day. That is not fashion freedom.

Scoff at them! HA! Such restrictions are reserved for refusing the chocolate cake that will prevent you from wearing your favorite skinnies.

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  1. great look and you have put it amazingly in 2 ways, are always the details that make the difference

    come and say Hi
    The Dolls Factory

  2. You are so sweet! I love hearing other's opinions

  3. Love the color of your blazer!
    X< Lucy

  4. I love both looks!!

  5. I simply can't decide which look I like better? They are both so great!


  6. I LOVE THIS LOOK! Very vintage, very classy, very garconne!

    Flo xxx


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