November 8, 2011

Give me the Doctor!

My relationship with heels is complicated. I adore heels! Stilettos, wedges, platforms, pumps, peep toe, sling backs {never a kitten heel, seems pointless}, all this footwear stirs my spirit. The problem: my feet shy away in fear. At 25, I am a victim to chronic foot pain! Ahhh. A serious obstacle for a fashion lover. Heels have the power to instantly transform an ordinary outfit to chic and sexy. My dilemma is serious. It not only affects my shoe choice, but exercise and even standing or walking. Worse than surrendering heels is sacrificing exercise. I will not be defeated, but I'll compromise sometimes.

Now, the solution is simple.  Avoid those heels. And I try. Also, quality of shoes is important, but usually costly. So I'm calling the doctor. And he's prescribed these.

Never have I owned a pair. Now, I want a variety of these punk-rocker, 90's grunge, combat boots. I think I may start a collection. 



  1. I haven't worn heels since a wedding in August, with my uber comfy EXPENSIVE but worth it Guess stilettos (Which I splurged on for my wedding). With the marathon, there was NO heels. I have to be strategic with my heel usage!!! Ugh. I love them. My feet hate them. Consider me in your camp. COMBAT BOOT IT UP!

  2. omggggg those last boots are amazinggggg. I NEEDD!!!!

  3. I feel you! I had a pair back in the 90's! I should of kept them they were burgundy! I would totally rock them now w a maxi dress or denim cut off's! I might get a pair my self hahahah


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