November 16, 2011

Style Challenge with La Petite Marmoset

Since meeting Katherine of La Petite Marmoset, I was quite smitten. She's an avid thrifter, designer (she reconstructs vintage clothing), vintage obsessed, entrepreneur- oh, yes, she's also gorgeous.  With the ambition of a rigid yogi and the wardrobe of a vintage princess, she is distributing reconstructed vintage locally and globally at insane speeds. 

Frankly, when approached with the idea of a collaboration with LPM, this young lady was just thrilled! Feeling quite humbled and slightly proud at the offer, I felt lucky to be a participant. Obviously, I agreed swiftly.

The challenge: 3 ladies style the same 3 reconstructed LPM pieces.

Essentially, it was dress up for adults, one of my favorite activities. The end result produced such unique, distinct looks. Alina and Krystin rocked these pieces!

If only this were my job..sigh.. Any offers?

Big love and muchas gracias, La Petite Marmoset!


  1. I love the way you wore the red silk look great :)

    XoXo - Krystin

  2. You rocked it! Love the skirt! That maybe my next LPM purchase!

  3. Nice! The 2nd look is my favorite.

    Heading over to Alina and Krystin's blogs right now to see their looks.

    LPM rocks!

  4. aww honey! the skirt on ur 1st pic is sooo amazing! I WANT! xx

  5. What a great collaboration !!!! I love you both so beautiful and fun!!!!!!!

  6. the high low skirt and that red bag are adorable. x.

  7. i love the blouse of your second outfit ;) thanks for your comment ;) followed, follow back if you want ;)

  8. You look awesome Vicki! Love the combos happening in the first outfit!


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