November 21, 2011

Weekly Food Summary

Breakfast lures me out of bed in the morning. Well, also, a certain demanding canine that needs relieving. Mostly, though, it's food. And the first meal of the day is my favorite. For me missing breakfast is equivalent to missing dinner for others. 

First up, is my breakfast staple: Oatmeal. I always use rolled oats and sometimes mix in steel oats. A little secret to cooking steel oats is soaking them the night before. In the morning, I add rolled oats for different textures. Throw in some nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon and fresh fruit, it's ready in less than ten minutes.  

Another favorite is pancakes. I like to make multigrain or buckwheat, but my boo is a sucker for buttermilk. This was Sunday morning breakfast. I added agave nectar and fruit. He did not. To each his own, but my way tastes better!
Broccoli needed a slight makeover. I decided to roast the little florets with olive oil, onions, and breadcrumbs. I topped it off with fresh parm. Broccoli did not know it had the potential for seconds. 

This Moroccan Dish is simple, satisfying, and amazing. Courtesy of Jamie Oliver, who is indeed one inspiring chef. His philosophy on revolutionizing food is motivating and admirable. I tweak the recipe a little. I swap the fava beans for garbanzo. I also added some edamame and omitted the shrimp. He suggests couscous, but again the man prefers brown rice. Easy compromise. 

This is not my own work. the credit belongs to the chef at Piccolo in Georgetown. Homemade ravioli stuffed with mushrooms, sprinkled with sage in a black truffle oil. Just writing those words raises my pulse. Italian is not my favorite food, but this dish is! I actually eat very slow and savor each bite. This is not an easy practice for me. 

I have some pretty nasty, and by nasty, I mean delicious recipes planned for Thanksgiving. Wish you could partake. What will you all be cooking?


  1. Mmmm... I just had a snack and I'm already hungry again!!

  2. yuuum this post made me crave for some ravioli :)

  3. Pancakes and Ravioli are about two of my favorite things but obvi not together. Lets get pancakes on Sunday xoxoxox

  4. i love food posts.... fashion and food makes for the best blog!

  5. you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  6. Wow everything here looks so delicious! Makes me want to try and whip up a snack!

  7. thanks, ladies! I love seeing your comments


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