December 13, 2011

Visiting Deep Creek Lake guarantees 3 things: red necks, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and a lapse of time. It's as if time slows and is of no concern to me.

We played scrabble and obviously I did not win. My start was strong, but it ended badly. I did however succeed in baking delish cookies. Also, the thrift store was very kind to me. It was a volunteer, church organized thrift with insanely low prices. A seasoned thrifter looks at a $10 dress and complains that prices are rising! Not here though, I scored a pair of virgin loafers, broken in hiker boots(in photo) and a winter vest for $9.50. What! The entire weekend was basically lounging, eating, cooking, repeat. Also, admiring the beauty of the mountains and lake. My lungs really enjoyed inhaling the frigid mountain air.


  1. Great post...I need your round sunnies also ;)


  2. awwww love the picture of you and jeremy!

  3. Great photos! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend!


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