December 19, 2011

weekend brunch

It's the egg sandwich remixed. Everyone needs to vamp up their breakfast sandwich.
So here's what you need: slim sandwich bread (or English muffin, but the slims are only 100 cals), cheddar cheese, avocado, arugula(mixed greens or spinach), black bean purée, and of course, the egg.

To make the black bean purée, simply use a fork to mash up the beans or blend them. This sandwich works well for me because I keep these ingredients stocked. If you don't have these, but want to create a spin off the typical egg sandwich, add something different. Roasted peppers, apples, lettuce, basil and the list goes on. There are so many options.

And this is a beautiful sunrise from my bedroom on Sunday morning! Snapped a picture and crawled back into bed. Some other exciting news: discovered we have rooftop access (unauthorized), but we have a key that works! Who could resist?


  1. I am actually going to try this! haha


  2. Very nice sunrise! We got "unauthorized access" on NYE to our friends midtown high rise, pretty spectacular to see Manhattan wide open 39 floors up! Also, I NEED the ingredients for that sandwich; eggs, mashed avocado, black beans, and what is the bun?! We're trying to have brunch at home instead of out this month.


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