January 2, 2012

Not a New Year's Resolution

It seems most New Year's resolutions fail within the first week. With great effort a long, sincere well-intended list of changes are written, but are rarely implemented. This is why I don't do resolutions. Well, not the typical, empty resolution. I like to reflect and assess the past year and decide how this year can be different. Generally, I don't follow the mentality of stopping a bad habit later so soak it up now. I believe if you want to achieve a goal, then start small now. So, yes, make resolutions, but continue to set goals throughout the year and accomplish them. 

Here are a few ways I want 2012 to be different.


  1. Gracias por pasar a mi blog! Voy leyendo el tuyo y me parece estupendo. Te sigo!

    Besos, S.


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