January 9, 2012

2011 in Rewind

Let's start at the beginning of 2011, which kicked off with a snazzy, drastic haircut. Taking extreme measures with fashion and hair satisfies my daring, wild side. When I feel too predictable, BAM! chop hair or in past years, go blond. A new do is a-brewing and coming soon. It was quite liberating, but initially I felt I had lost my beauty. It took a bit to be comfortable.

Next up: Mardi Gras. And it was bittersweet. The last one before we made the move back to the northeast. The month long festivities leading up to Fat Tuesday create the experience. Planning your costumes, biking night after night following parades, standing on ladders and returning with bags of "throws" that serve no purpose other than the satisfaction of "winning" them are all missed, fond memories.

Climbed the beautiful oak trees

Attended the first New Orleans Fashion Week!

Played in the park

Husband graduated from law school, yay!
my blog was born...and I was introduced to the world of bloggers
and did fun outfit posts

 We moved to DC and left New Orleans behind.

Also, joined a bloggers network in DC and have met some intelligent, talented, lovely ladies. 

2. Katherine- La Petite Marmoset
    3. Wavery- Pich & Roor
    4. Krystin- Be Loud Be You
    5. Cheralee- Lyle Style

a few of my favorite shots from the year

It has been a year of change and adventure; discovering new places and experiencing new things. I love the "first time"occasion.  Biking in a new city is always a thrill and a great first time affair. Truthfully, the transition was not without many tears and obstacles. Beginning this new year, there are plans to conquer these imposing hurdles. The best and worst event of the year was moving-paradox. Being near family has been a true comfort in my life, but leaving New Orleans still seems like a mistake. It's difficult when your two desires are in such opposition.  For now, DC is treating me kindly.      


  1. Looks like an amazing year! SO happy you joined our network! Looking forward to a great 2012!

  2. you had such a productive year! happy new one!

  3. Definitely seems like an exciting year of transitions!!! And sometimes those transitions turn out to be amazing experiences!!! I'm so glad to have met you, but we definitely need to hang out more!!!! I'm vowing to stop being lazy this year!!! I know 2012 will be awesome for you!!!

    XOXO - Krystin

  4. Awww what a LOVELY post!! I'm glad you left the warm south to come up here to the chilly north :) It's been such a pleasure getting to know you this past year, can't wait to see what this one has up it's sleeve!!

  5. thanks for your sweet comments! you girls are swell!

  6. It seems like you had an incredible year, even if the move was difficult. Your style seemed to change once you got a blog! I love being able to look back at blogs to see changes, its crazy!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. love your short hair! it suits you and the yellow dress looks great on you!


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